The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award, (National Institute of Technology (KOSEN)),2021/

Outstanding Achievement Award (Grime on Materials' Surfaces and Biofilms, with Dr. Dana M. Barry in the US.), MRS Japan (MRS-J) 2019/
2019年 日本MRS貢献賞 (材料表面の汚れとバイオフィルム,アメリカ合衆国Dana M. Barry博士と)

Award for Excellence, National Institute of Technology, (NIT KOSEN), April 2019 /
2019年独立行政法人国立高等専門学校機構 優秀賞

Molten Salt Award, the Electrochemical Society of Japan, 2016

Scientific Achievement Award, National Association for Surface Finishing, 2012./
2012年アメリカ表面技術協会 科学功績賞

Best Reviewer Award, High Temperature Society of Japan, 2012./

Fellow of Institute of Materials Finishing (IMF, United Kingdom), 2007./

Chem Luminary Award (with Dr. Dana M. Barry), American Chemical Society, 2004./
2004年アメリカ化学会Chem Luminary賞

President Award, Association of National Technical Colleges, 2003./

Education Incentive Award, Suzuka National College of Technology, 2003./

Outstanding Achievement Award, Northern New York Branch of American Chemical Society, 2002./

Call for paper/論文募集

Interfinish 2020 (not 2021, the orignal conference has been postponed!) will be held in Japan (September 4-6, 2021). I am in charge of Biofouling Symposium. Please join us! We will highly welcome your participation.


All of the following four Springer books were written and published with Prof. Dana M. Barry in Clarkson University, the USA.
#1: "Corrosion Control and Surface Finishing - Environmentally Friendly Approaches" edited by H.Kanematsu & D.M.Barry, 2016
#2:"Biofilm and Materials Science" ed. by Hideyuki Kanematsu & Dana M. Barry. (Springer, NY, the USA), 2016
#3:"STEM and ICT Education in Intelligent Environments (Intelligent Systems Reference Library)" Hideyuki Kanematsu & Dana M. Barry Ed., Springer, Heidelberg, Germany, 2016

#4:"Formation and Control of Biofilm in Various Environments" Hideyuki Kanematsu & Dana M. Barry Ed., Springer, Singapore, 2020

My Talk Schedule/講演予定

About Me

Dr. Hideyuki Kanematsu, Ph.D. FIMF (a Fellow of IMF) is the Specially Appointed Professor at the National Institute of Technology (NIT) (KOSEN), Suzuka College in Japan. After holding many administrative positions in the college (Dean of the Department of MS and E, 2010–2014, Deputy President, 2014–2018, etc.), research advisor (2018-2021), and also the member of the research promotion committee in the headquarter of NIT (KOSEN) (2016-2021), he retired from NIT (KOSEN), Suzuka College once. Dr. Kanematsu is particularly interested in biofilms and the interfacial phenomena between metallic surfaces and organisms from an environmental science point of view. He holds a B.Eng. (1981), an M.Eng. (1983) and a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering (1989) all from Nagoya University. He is a member of the National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF, the USA), as well as the Institute of Metal Finishing (IMF, the UK), the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS, the USA), ASM International (the USA), Electrochemical Society (ECS, the USA), American Chemical Society (ACS, the USA), the Japan Institute of Metals (JIM) and the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan (ISIJ), Surface Finishing Society of Japan (SFSJ, Japan), the Electrochemical Society of Japan (ECSJ), the Japan Society for Heat Treatment (JSHT), Japan Thermal Spray Society (JTSS), etc. For all of these organizations, he is still very active as a member and also as a board member. He also has many honors and publications to his name. He was awarded a Marquis Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement award for his Outstanding Career and is an NASF Scientific Achievement Award Winner. On April 30, the GEAR 5.0 Project of the National Institute of Technology (KOSEN) in Japan began formally. Dr. Kanematsu became the UNIT Leader (Director) of Materials Science Research Center (KOSEN Center for Innovative Research, Collaboration, and the USE of Implemented Technology.) supported by the national project. Since November 2020, he has worked also as a guest professor for Nagoya University of Tokai National Higher Education and Research System. At the end of March 2021, he retired from NIT (KOSEN), Suzuka College, and became a Professor Emeritus of NIT, Suzuka College at the beginning of April 2021. At the same time, he became a Specially Appointed Professor to continue the GEAR 5.0 Materials Science project as the unit leader. Now his concern for the research activity is how to measure and also control the infectious capability of materials' surfaces.

兼松秀行博士(英国金属表面処理学会フェロー:FIMF)は,三重県鈴鹿市にある国立鈴鹿工業高等専門学校材料工学科の特命教授であり,材料表面科学・工学における研究者である.鈴鹿高専材料工学科長(2010-2014), 校長補佐(2014-2018)),高専機構・研究推進・産学連携本部員,鈴鹿高専研究アドバイザーを務めた後.2021年3月末で定年退職し,現職となっている.1981年工学士,1983年工学修士,1989年工学博士となったが,そのすべての学位を名古屋大学から受けている.現在の研究対象として特に力を入れているのは,材料と環境との界面である材料表面に微生物の作用によって形成されるバイオフィルムに関わる材料界面現象とその工業的対策である.彼はASMインターナショナル(米国),アメリカ電気化学会(ECS, 米国),米国表面処理協会(NASF),英国材料表面処理学会(IMF),米国素材学会(TMS),アメリカ化学会(ACS),米国セラミックス協会(ACERS), 日本金属学会(JIM),日本鉄鋼協会(ISIJ),表面技術協会(日本),日本電気化学会(ECSJ),MRS-J, 日本熱処理技術協会(JSHT,日本溶射学会(JTSS)など国内外の様々な学協会の正会員,役員として活躍している.2020年4月30日,独立行政法人国立高等専門学校機構が運営する「GEAR5.0 :未来技術の 社会実装教育の高度化」プロジェクトがスタートした.兼松秀行博士は,このプロジェクトに支援される材料科学ユニットのリーダーに就任して,現在もなお,このミッションに携わっている.2020年11月国立大学法人東海国立大学機構名古屋大学の客員教授(併任)に就任し,現在も引き続き名古屋大学との共同体制を取って研究活動を続けている.2021年3月末をもって高専機構を退職し,鈴鹿高専名誉教授となったが,2021年4月から鈴鹿高専特命教授として,ユニットリーダーとしてのGEAR 5.0プロジェクトを含む研究教育活動をあらたに開始した.現在の研究テーマは,材料のもつ感染力をどのようにはかり,また制御するかである.

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