I got The 2018 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award as well as that in 2017. I highly appreciate Marquis Who's Who to choose me!

I was awarded by KES International for my key note lecture at KES 2018 held in Belgrade, Serbia! I am very honored. Thank you, KES International!
My keynote lecture is this

Call for paper/論文募集

I am the special editor for MPDI's Coatings (Impact factor 2.350 for 2017)" The special issue's topic is "antifouling coating". Please join me and post your precious paper for the issue. When the number of authors for the speciall issue would be more than 10, MPDI may thnk it sbould be published as a book.


All of the following three Springer books with Prof. Dana M. Barry in Clarkson University, the USA, were sold well also 2017 and belonged to their top 25% sold-well book category again! And in addition, we are very proud that these three books have been mentioned as good text books in the world. Thank you, all, to take interests on ours, to download our these Springer books and also to evaluate them very highly!
"Corrosion Control and Surface Finishing - Environmentally Friendly Approaches" edited by H.Kanematsu & D.M.Barry
#2:"Biofilm and Materials Science" ed. by Hideyuki Kanematsu & Dana M. Barry. (Springer, NY, the USA)
#3:"STEM and ICT Education in Intelligent Environments (Intelligent Systems Reference Library)" Hideyuki Kanematsu & Dana M. Barry Ed., Springer, Heidelberg, Germany

My Talk Schedule/講演予定

#1: Invited Seminar about Biofilm:
“Industrial Biofilm Detection Ways and their Application - From Biofilm Research Movement in Japan -“ At 10AM, August 30, Leibnitz Hannover University, Hannover, Germany

#2:Invited Seminar about Biofilm:
"Biofilms and Materials Science", at 12:00-13:30 on September 4, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Beglrade, Belgrade, Serbia

#3: KES 2018(22nd International Conference on Knowlege-Based and Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems, September 3-5)
#3-1:Key Note Lecture: "Activation of E-learning Classes by Virtual Problem Based Learning - From Real to Virtual World." Belgrade, Serbia, 12:00-13:00, September5
#3-2:Invited Talk: "Some Psychological Responses Measured by a Commercial Electrooculography Sensor and Its Applicabiity". In the session IS 16A (9:30-11:30 on September 5)

Materials Science & Technology 2018(MS&T 18), October 14-18, Greater Columbus #4Convention Center, Columbus, Ohio, USA
#4-1: Invited Talk: "Evaluation for Immunity of Biomaterials Based on Raman Spectroscopy"
10:40AM-11:00AM, on October 15. Symposium:Surfce Properties of Biomaterials, Session:Biomedical Device Surface Properties and Biological Interactions.
#4-2:Invited Talk: "Biofilm Formation Behaviors Formed by E.coli and S. epidermis under weak alternating electromagnetic fields"
2:40PM-3:20PM, on October 15. Symposium:Processing and Performance of Materials Using Microwaves,Electric and Magnetic Fields, Ultrasound, Lasers, and Mechanical Work –Rustum Roy Symposium, Session II.
#4-3:General Talk:"Graphene Dispersed Silane Compound Coating and Its Immunity"
4:20PM-4:40PM, on October17. Symposium: Next Generation Biomaterials. Session: Biomaterials V.

About Me

Dr. Hideyuki Kanematsu is a professor of materials science and engineering at the National Institute of Technology at Suzuka College in Japan. Hide’s areas of interest include biofilm engineering, surface engineering, corrosion and STEM Education (Active learning by e-learning). He holds a B.Eng. (1981), a M.Eng(1983) and a Ph.D in Materials Science and Engineering (1989) all from Nagoya University. He is active members, board members, editorial members of ASM International, National Association for Surface Fishing, the USA (NASF), the Institute of Metal Finishing, UK(IMF) as well as the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, USA(TMS), American Chemical Society (ACS), Electrochemical Society (ECS), the Japan Institute of Metals (JIM) and the Iron & Steel Institute of Japan (ISIJ) etc.

For inquiries or collaborations please contact me by email at kanemats? should be replaced with @!)