The new research project of KOSEN (NIT:National Institute of Technology, Japan), GEAR 5.0 has started on April 30.
I assumed the UNIT (The core research center for materials science) leader for the big nation-wide KOSEN research project. We aim to implement the achievements of the collaborations with industries to our societies. Please join us for our research activities!

全国高専の研究プロジェクトが本年4月30日から始まりました。二つのユニット(バーチャル研究センター)が開設されています。 私は鈴鹿高専を中核拠点とするマテリアルサイエンスのユニットリーダーに就任しています。産学連携で先端材料技術の社会実装を目指します。皆様の絶大なるご支援をお願いいたします。

The web page for Dept. Materials Science and Engineering, NIT (KOSEN), Japan is released. (In Japanese)


Award for Excellence, Awards for KOSEN teachers (National Institute of Technology, KOSEN), April 2019 /
(高専機構教員顕彰 優秀賞)

Outstanding Achievement Award (MRS Japan) November 2019
(MRS-J 貢献賞 2019年11月)

The 2019 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award following those also in 2017 and 2018./


Corrosion Atlas Case Studies 1st Edition (Fuad Khoshnaw, Rolf Gubner ed.), Hideyuki Kanematsu (Part:Joint Work)

Elsevier Science Dec 2019 ISBN:9780128187609 腐食辞典ケーススタディー第一版 (Fuad Khoshnaw, Rolf Gubner編, 兼松秀行 (担当:共著), エルゼビアサイエンス 2019年12月 ISBN:9780128187609

バイオフィルムの発生メカニズムと評価・対策,兼松秀行 (担当:共著, 範囲:第3章,第4章1節,3節)R&D支援センター2020年1月,ISBN:978-4-905507-38-3
Formation Mechanism of Biofilm and Its Evaluation/Countermeasure, Hideyuki Kanematsu (Part:Joint Work, Chapter 3, Chapter 4-1, Chapter 4-3) R&D Support Center Jan 2020 ISBN:978-4-905507-38-3 (in Japanese)

Formation and Control of Biofilm in Various Environments Hideyuki Kanematsu, Dana M. Barry, Springer Nature Mar 2020 ISBN:978-981-15-2239-0: 様々な環境中におけるバイオフィルムの形成と制御, 兼松秀行, ダナ・M・バリー, シュプリンガー・ネイチャー社 2020年3月 ISBN:978-981-15-2239-0

All of the following three Springer books with Prof. Dana M. Barry in Clarkson University, the USA, have been sold well. And in addition, we are very proud that these three books have been mentioned as good text books in the world. Thank you, all, to take interests on ours, to download our these Springer books and also to evaluate them very highly!
#1: "Corrosion Control and Surface Finishing - Environmentally Friendly Approaches" edited by H.Kanematsu & D.M.Barry
#2:"Biofilm and Materials Science" ed. by Hideyuki Kanematsu & Dana M. Barry. (Springer, NY, the USA)
#3:"STEM and ICT Education in Intelligent Environments (Intelligent Systems Reference Library)" Hideyuki Kanematsu & Dana M. Barry Ed., Springer, Heidelberg, Germany

Now we are working on a new Biofilm book by Springer Nature. We have the plan to publish it next year (2020).

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About Me

Dr. Hideyuki Kanematsu is a professor of materials science and engineering at the National Institute of Technology at Suzuka College in Japan. Hide’s areas of interest include biofilm engineering, surface engineering, corrosion and STEM Education (Active learning by e-learning). He holds a B.Eng. (1981), a M.Eng(1983) and a Ph.D in Materials Science and Engineering (1989) all from Nagoya University. He is active members, board members, editorial members of ASM International, National Association for Surface Fishing, the USA (NASF), the Institute of Metal Finishing, UK(IMF) as well as the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, USA(TMS), American Chemical Society (ACS), Electrochemical Society (ECS), the Japan Institute of Metals (JIM) and the Iron & Steel Institute of Japan (ISIJ) etc.

For inquiries or collaborations please contact me by email at kanemats? should be replaced with @!)